MARINA finds people who live according to their possibilities very uncreative. She likes ice cream and also likes travelling to far places. Her Economy diploma hasn’t been of any great use to her at any point of her life until now so she’s dived into the world of sports’ (re)habilitation. One of her biggest wishes is to infect as many disabled children as possible with judo. She also very much wants to go to New Zealand.
MARKO is a young man of exceptional physical skills, which is something you can clearly see if you give his biceps one quick look. Even though he is still an active competitor (He’s been crowned national champion multiple times.) he’s developing his advanced coaching skills studying physical education with perfect grades.
MIHA(EL) has fallen head-first into the coaching work at our club and ever since that blunt hit to his head and heart he hasn’t missed a single session. Except for when he’s doing gigs and he’s doing them for a living. Except his exceptional skill of beating on pots he also possesses some kind of a sense of humor.
ROMANA, also known as Roki, is our youngest and cutest coach! 😉 She is a professional judo coach as well as bachelor of preschool education. We aren’t quite sure who is more in love with whom between the kids and her and thus we are guarding her as our greatest treasure here at Fuji.
TENA M.D.: When she is not working the E.R. her only emergency is to make it to our sessions. She also takes care of our health at every tournament. Luckily, so far she only got hurt by defeat.
She is a better walker on her hands than on her feet and the most skilful at balancing on her left hand, being the right hand of Fuji. She has a degree in P.E., is a travel addict, and a partner in all the fun stuff. Always expect her to deliver when it gets rough.
MARKO NR. 2, a true master of sports and music and soon to be a bachelour in fitness preparation. In charge of keeping order at Saturday sessions, which he does by employing exceedingly „imaganative“ methods, earning him a nickname of Marcus von Weißflicker.