Dodjela medalja, 2017.
Why I love Judo?

Five years ago I fell in love. We both did and it was love on the first sight, as it actually is with every love. I have given and am still giving this relationship my all so that it would continue on and on. I love him endlessly and I’m giving him all the “tenderness” of this world.

The best thing about it is that this love of my, has, since day one, been returned to me unconditionally and limitlessly. I’ve made a deal with him for our relationship to be eternal and unbreakable. He is generous, open and accessible because, apart from me, he gives love to others (my friends) and I do not condemn him for it, actually it makes me very happy. The only little criticism i have of our relationship is that we get to see each other rarely, only once a week. However, I’ve been given a promise by his parents (M&M) that it’ll soon be twice a week. With that (but of course, without it, too) our relationship will only ever grow closer and stronger. At the end, not to hold You in suspense I’ll reveal his name to You. I’m crazy in love with him and his name is JUDO.
Mia Mićanović

Why I love Judo?
Every person feels some sort of love. It’s usually a love for family, friends, homeland... I also had that kind of a feeling until five years ago. Only then did i realise what my actual love is. It’s Judo. When I came to the first session I felt that it was the real thing. Soon I fell in love so much that it took one of the most hidden away places in my heart that would seem to have been waiting only for it. I want it to stay there forever.
Judo means so much to me, it gives me everything I need and gives me a chance to feel equal, free and one-of-a-kind. It’s given a special value combined with my dearest coaches and friends who help me make my dreams come true. Thanks to Judo I look at the world in a different way. I realise every day is actually a new chance. I’m grateful to everyone who made it possible for me to live my life to the fullest and reach over my boundaries. I see Judo as something that has made my life have a sense. It is an important cog which makes me whole and moves me.
Judo is my life!
Lana M.
Dorijan i Marina, 2017.
Why I love JUDO?
I love it because it’s taught me many things and showed me it’s very easy to live the way you love. JUDO means “the gentle way” justifying the way the bouts play out. For me JUDO is a big change or turning point in life. I’ve been in luck on my JUDO journey in that I have a chance to work with many beautiful people who make it easier for me to connect JUDO and everyday life. When you dig a little deeper into the history of Judo you’ll encounter the fact that JIGORO KANO, the founder of JUDO, founded it to show how the values of life can also be taught through sport. That’s why I believe my coaches, who, through every session, teach me and my fellow judokas these values, deserve a reward for their efforts to provide us with a better club career and thereby a better JUDO career.
Fran, Sumobožićnjak 2015.
The Judo Club for People with disabilities “Fuji” is weaved with special treads of selfless love flowing through to the core like water and changes the DNA of our children’s childhoods through its magic: taking their pain and tears away creating joy in their hearts and painting what are simply the most beautiful smiles onto their faces. Fuji is a world where time isn’t measured in seconds, but in the children’s heartbeats. It’s a world where the music sheets our filled with a major of laughter. A world where coach Marina and her team, giving it their all, are digging out precious values of each of their Fujidokas helping them build self-confidence and move the boundaries of their lives in every direction. Fui love is writing a more beautiful history and Fuji power is setting new and better rules, successfully defying conventions and making the impossible possible.
Petra Sabljić
david sabljić