December 2018
Our most successful and most numerous year ever ended on the highest possible note!

1st On the 15th of December we held our traditional Christmas tournament called Fujimas. Other than our members, the tournament also featured judokas without disabilities from the “Pinky” and “Medvedgrad” judo club. This is the first time we’ve hosted judokas without disabilities from a Zagreb club and concerning they’ve fitted into our atmosphere perfectly we believe we’ll hang out going forward as well. There were loads of us making this year’s group photo the most powerful yet! ☺
2nd On the 20th of December The Sports Association of Velika Gorica yearly award ceremony was held. There we were awarded a special award for our work and the #BeInclusive EU Sport Award which we were awarded by the European Commission in November. Matija Ivanjko, member of the “Pinky” judo club won the future star award, which makes us especially happy as Matija is one of our most committed helpers.
3rd On the 21st December we signed a contract for the “Judo Inclusion” project which’ll be financed by the European Social Fund in the next three years. This is one of the greatest turning points for our work for it’ll make our work way easier in the next three years, but it’ll also help us start a few great projects. We’ll post regular updates so we recommend you follow us on our social networks. During the ceremony The National Sports Authority used the chance to show our work as an example of good practice.

The #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards, 27 November 2018, Brussels

Sport is a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups. The #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards, organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, recognises organisations using the power of sport to build a more inclusive society.
The 2018 #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards invited all organisations in Europe– public or private, commercial or not-for-profit – that have successfully developed sport projects aimed at social inclusion to enter their initiatives. The jury received 111 submissions.
These are the selected projects:
Bádóireacht (Ireland)
Fit4Life (Finland)
Integration of Syrian Refugee children into Community Games Sports & Cultural events (Ireland)
Judo club for people with disabilities Fuji (Croatia)
Rugby Opens Borders - Leveraging organized Teamsports for the integration of refugees and migrants (Austria)
Sport &Refugees (Germany)
start2coach (Germany)
S(up)port Refugees Integration (Italy)
The running charity (United Kingdom)
At an award ceremony on 27th November in Brussels three winners were selected:
Fit4Life (Finland)
Judo club for people with disabilities Fuji (Croatia)
Sport &Refugees (Germany)
One more time this is a proof that judo really is more than a sport! We couldn't be more proud and happy. This award and highly valuable recognition is well deserved by our warriors!
We believe that this is a huge success both for Croatian judo and Croatian sport for people with disabilities. One of the winners collects around 8000 members, one winner project is from Finland, another from Germany and then there's us, a judo project from a small country with poor economy but great energy. We also believe that we won their hearts and that's the main reason that we found ourselves within such great and respectable projects.
Our members are true inspiration, they are truly passionate about judo and judo gives them strength for all difficulties they face in day to day life. They feel really proud about this award, in their eyes this is equal of winning some great medal on European or World judo championship.
Official video of Fuji project for this event:

The 2018 World Judo Day

The 28th of October is the World Judo Day. This year's theme was friendship. With the help of our friends from the „Pinky“ Judo Club we have also marked this occasion by hosting our traditional tournament. 25 judokas from „Fuji“ took part with the help of 15 judokas from „Pinky“, all supervised by six coaches and our club MD. The only emergency she had to deal with was wiping one sweaty forehead! 😉

The 2017 “Pride of Croatia” award

After receiving “The Heart of Turopolje” award from the city of Velika Gorica last year we have received another great accolade. In the beginning of February Marina was awarded “The Pride of Croatia” award. Although the award was given to one person, the real pride are all those who are part of the “Fuji” story. Above all, these are the members of “Fuji”, 35 of them, who train hard week in-week out, strive to outdo themselves and do all that despite their disabilities which are a part of their lives every single day. The coaching crew, who helps them achieve their goals, is made up not only of Marina, but also of Mihael Vlah, Marko Drašković, Romana Madžar, Sanja Delladio and Tena Sopić. When needed, they are also joined by Maja Perković, Nina Jovović and Marija Ivanjko and we must also not forget the members of judo club “Pinky” who take great pleasure in partaking in our work (Daksa Ana Lasić, Matija Ivanjko, Andrej Pehar, Petar Jurčević, Marko Pešut, Borna Lasić and many others) A special thanks goes out to our members’ parents for all the trust and support in the last five years. So, what happens next? Although it’s nice to be recognised on the national level, this is also a great obligation. We’re now obligated to increase our quality and capacity and come up with new programs and activities. Wish us luck in findings donators and sponsors so we can become even bigger and stronger.

The 2017 Christmas Tournament

This year’s edition of Fuji’s Christmas tournament was held on December 21st. It welcomed about 30 judokas from Fuji and about 10 judokas from the “Pinky” judo club. The competition consisted of different kinds of modified judo bouts fitting every competitor’s abilities. The atmosphere was very industrious and happy and the kids and their parents enjoyed the bouts. The never grander rewards were sponsored by the Zagreb county disability sports organisation, Adidas, Anđelko the Dragon (A local charity project who donated picture books for grade-schoolers and the “Pinky” judo club who took care of the chocolate.

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Watch the great video by the “VG” photo studio!