Why do I love Judo?

I fell in love five years ago. Love was mutual and at first sight, like everything else. In this relationship I have given, and still give, my best, to last as long and as long as possible. I love him endlessly and give him all the “tenderness” of this world.
Best of all, my love from the first moment unconditionally and unlimitedly reciprocates the same love and energy towards me. I agreed with her that our relationship would be eternal and unbreakable. She is also generous, open and approachable because besides me she gives love to others (my friends), and I don’t blame her for that, I’m actually very happy about it. The only small complaint is that we rarely see each other, only once a week. However I have a promise from his “moms and dads” (M&M) that this will soon be doubled to week. After that (of course without it) our strong bond will be even stronger and stronger. In the end, so as not to keep you in suspense, I will reveal his name to you.

Mia Mićanović

Why do I love judo?

Every person feels some love. It’s usually love for family, friends, homeland… I had that feeling until five years ago. It was then that I realized, which is, in fact, my true love. It’s JUDO. When I came to the first training I felt that “it” was it. I soon fell in love with him so much and he took one of the most hidden, and it seems to me always guarded, place in my heart. I want it to stay that way forever.
Judo means a lot to me in life, it has and gives me everything I need, it allows me to feel equal, free and unique. Judo gets special value with my favorite coaches and friends, who help me realize my dreams. With judo I look at the world differently, I realize that every day is actually a new opportunity. I am grateful to everyone who allowed me to live life to the fullest and exceed my limits. I see the meaning of my life in Judas and he is an important wheel that builds and moves me.
Judo is my life.

Lana M.

I love judo

I love judo because it’s nice there. I love Coach Marina and all the other coaches. I love my friends I train with: Kiki, Dorothea, Gabi, Antun, Ivan and Juki. Judo is always cheerful and fun. I love our judo hall. There we learn to be athletes and fight.

The club is named after a mountain because everyone has a mountain in their life to skip. Anyone can win something that seems difficult. This club is our mountain.

Gabrijela Briševac

Why does mom love judo? Mom loves judo because we are bigger, faster, smarter and happier with him. The lessons in the judo hall are the most beautiful hours of the week, the only activity for which we are always ready, in a good mood, we leave the game without any problems and prepare our things. There we are loved like nowhere, we come out joyful and strong. In Judo we are taught what a fight is, in the hall and outside. Judo

Antonina Briševac

Why do I love JUDO?

Why do I love JUDO? I love him because he taught me many things and showed me how very easy it is to live the way you love. JUDO in translation means gentle way or gentle way, which justifies the way the fights take place. For me, JUDO is a big change and a turning point in my life. Luckily, on my JUDO journey I have the opportunity to work with a lot of wonderful people who make it easier for me to connect some things with real life through JUDO. When I first came to judo training in my current club called JUDO CLUB “FUJI”. When you go a little deeper into the history of judo, you will encounter the fact that JIGORO KANO, the founder of judo, founded this sport precisely to draw attention to the fact that the values ​​of life are learned through sports. That is why I think that my coaches who teach me and my fellow judokas from training to training deserve their reward for their efforts to ensure a better club career, and then a judo career.


How judo changed my life

I have always been fascinated by martial arts. Some see these sports as relentless fighting and fighting. I see them as a carefully crafted technique that teaches us how to think, how to create strategies and overcome obstacles, and broadens our horizons and worldview. Of course, the more attractive part of martial arts is physical combat and wrestling techniques; taking control of the human body. I wanted to start training, but it was just dreams and fantasies because I have cerebral palsy. Such thoughts were very unrealistic, but soon everything will change – my dreams will come true.
In August 2012, the Fuji Club for Persons with Disabilities was founded. I went to see what the workout was like and fell in love with judo within milliseconds. All the judo techniques are tailored to us, we do them from the knee, but we learn the real, real judo technique. We are equal to all Jews no matter the difficulties. There is no difference between us. That is just one of the goals of the Fuji Club; even one of the more important ones. Training and discipline are required in training, but we know how to have a really good time. Every workout starts with a line and a greeting from the coach and us judokas. Then we start with warming up the muscles and working out, followed by fitness exercises and strength exercises. After a good warm-up, we learn new techniques and improve previously learned techniques. Fights between us and the coach follow. The essence of the struggle is to perfect the technique and correct possible shortcomings in the technique. Then we are in line again saying goodbye to the next workout. I adore trainings and I don’t miss any of them because I love that feeling of our togetherness and cooperation as a team. At every workout I experience a lot of adrenaline and I am filled with a lot of positive energy which gives me strength for a new work week. Practicing judo makes me feel alive, I feel equal among people – no one treats me differently because I don’t walk. That is a really big step forward. Through the trainings I gained strength and improved my coordination and fitness, which means a lot to me. I gained self-esteem, self-confidence, courage and determination. It is much easier for me to get rid of some fears and overcome various physical or emotional obstacles.
Judo and the Fuji Club have taught me that boundaries are only where we set them, but if you have a goal and a will, the sky is the only limit. I am living my dream today: athlete, judoka, equal, unstoppable!

Laura Bičanić

Fuji Judo team is woven with special threads of selfless love that penetrates deep to the core like a sinking river and with its magic changes the DNA of our children’s childhood: it takes away their pain and tears, creating joy in their hearts and paints only the most beautiful smiles on their faces. Fuji is a world in which the unit of time is not a second but the heartbeat of every child. It is a world in which musical notation is written in major tones of laughter. A world in which coach Marina and her team, by giving themselves, dig up the precious values of each of their Fujievac and help them build self-confidence and push boundaries in all directions of life. Fuji love prints pages of better history. Fuji power sets some new, better rules, successfully defies the laws and makes the impossible possible!

Petra Sabljić

Fuji experience

It is a newly discovered world for me that is present all the time in the hearts of people who feel the sense of community on earth. One for the other. It was here that I noticed mutual respect, affection, and a sense of humor. I am forty-one years old and suffer from Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Exercise is the only way that helps. I needed help, both physically and mentally. When your body does not serve you as it should, you feel trapped in your own skin, because the spirit wants to live “flexible” and energetic, and the body constantly prevents you. And of course it depends on whether I have enough mental strength to sustain myself. I also needed psychological help. I cannot blame the behavior of people towards people with disabilities, because regardless of the behavior towards us, we need to be aware of our worth. I think that every human being is carefully created with the dignity of the greatest Love and that is how we should treat each other. Putting people with disabilities into any “mold” is a derogatory and destructive way of behaving. I still have such experiences today. When I feel the weight of my body, I often think: I want to live (alive alive!). I wondered: God, you created me with this disease and I accept it; who will be full of love to give for others to such an extent that they do not see a different way of living? Who will help me and not watch me from “humble” heights? I love my life as it is, because it is a gift and I want to use it in the best possible way. By the way, I’m taking my son Ivan to Judo because of his diagnosis of Dystonia Syndrome. I asked the judo coaches what the possibilities were in my position. I was referred to coach Marina from the Fuji team. During the conversation, I noticed that her approach was natural, caring and approachable. At the end of the conversation, she told me, “Look, let’s go and see.”
It would be said that nothing special was said, but to me it was like opening a new world without prejudices. Someone wants to work with me, invest their time and effort. I came to the gym on the agreed Saturday to see what is being done and how to train with people with Cerebral Palsy. These young people gave the impression of knowledge of life, the value of their commitment and incorruptibility. Acceptance was felt in the air. I wanted
become a part of it. It’s been about 8 months since I started training. At first I didn’t believe in some results, however as time went on the results started to show up. I feel strength in my body, I am calmer and more cheerful. I love my life more than before. A sense of acceptance is present and I am grateful for that.
Now they can give for their family more than before.
I thank “coach” Marina, because her commitment has helped many people with disabilities. It is an approach from the heart. To accept oneself also means to accept a man next to oneself. Should we do more than that, I don’t think so.
Team Fuji at its core carries the power of love of neighbor. Thanks to Marina for still leading me. Thanks to the Fuji team for acting so strong and cheerful!
The world is about to change, you just don’t need to be afraid of possible falls. What matters is how many times you get up and it’s always stronger than before.

Marina “Rocky” Popinjač