MARINA believes that anyone who lives according to their own abilities suffers from a lack of imagination. He loves ice cream, and he also likes to travel as far as possible. The diploma from the Faculty of Economics has not been of any use to her so far in her life, so she threw herself into the waters of sports (re) habilitation. One of her greatest wishes is to infect as many children with disabilities with judo as possible. And go to New Zealand.
MARKO is a young man of extraordinary physical abilities, which you can see with just one look at his biceps. This multiple champion of Croatia in judo is a graduate kinesiologist with a specialization in kinesitherapy, who gathers his work experience by kneading athletes, recreationists and all those who want repairs on their body.
MIHA (EL) has fallen headlong into the coaching job of our club and since he received that blunt blow to the head and heart he has not missed a single training session. Except when he’s playing, and he’s playing for a living. In addition to his exceptional skill of tapping pots and lids, he also has a sense of humor.
ROMANA called Roki is our youngest and sweetest trainer! He is a judo coach by profession and a bachelor of early and preschool education. We don’t know if she loves our kids anymore or they love her, so we keep her like dry gold in Fuji.
Dr. Tena – when she is not working in the ambulance, she rushes to our training! He also takes care of our health at every tournament. Fortunately, for now, she has only dealt with the pain of defeat.
SANJA walks better on her hands than on her feet, and she is most skilled at balancing on her left hand since she is the right hand of our Fuji. He is a graduated kinesiologist, a passionate travel addict, a partner in crime in all fun adventures. Expect the best from her in the most difficult situations.
MARKEC master of sports and music, and soon a bachelor of fitness training of athletes. He was in charge of creating order in training on Saturday by the revolutionary methods for which he was nicknamed Marcus von Weissflicker.
Tanja is a nice and fresh addition to the professional Fuji team. She is a former top gymnast with a rich Judaic experience of beating her twin sister, the above-mentioned coach Sanja. She traveled half the world, gathered wisdom for three lives and returned straight to Velika Gorica to enrich the training of our judokas.