Why Fuji?

More details about us

Judo club for people with disabilities “Fuji” was founded in August 2012 and is the first such registered club in Croatia. About 40 children and young people with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, motor difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, etc. participate in the work of the club.


Club activities include: regular trainings throughout the year, club tournaments, belt tests, excursions, participation in various events such as Equal Opportunities Day and Paralympic School Day, going to concerts and theater… Although children are divided into several groups, we try to keep what an individual approach to each member is more possible. At the moment, we are divided into five groups. The first group gathers children with cerebral palsy and motor difficulties, the second group gathers children with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, the third group gathers children from the Center for Education Velika Gorica, the fourth group gathers children with motor and intellectual disabilities, and the fifth girl gathers children with motor and intellectual disabilities. intellectual disabilities. We also hold a few more individual trainings.


At the training of children and young people with cerebral palsy, each training is helped by their peers, members of JK Pinky Velika Gorica. Such integration is crucial for the timely impact on children without disabilities as it suppresses the creation of potential prejudices, develops their sensibility and creates a desire to help people with disabilities. Children with disabilities are given the chance to train with their peers without difficulties, which breaks down the psychological barriers of their difficulties, they feel equal, build self-confidence and begin to experience themselves as athletes. Ultimately, this kind of social integration allows these two groups to create friendly relationships based on mutual encouragement and motivation, without prejudice.


The establishment of the Judo Club for Persons with Disabilities “Fuji” has created a place where children with disabilities, with all the benefits that training brings them, get a sense of belonging and security. A place has been created where no one sets them apart because of their disability, where everyone is equal and where their effort and commitment is rewarded with their progress.

For those who don’t know and for those who know but may have forgotten:

Judo develops self-discipline, self-esteem and respect for others. The basic principles of Judah are: The Principle of Maximum Efficiency and the Principle of Shared Welfare and Welfare which are also applicable in our relationships in life. The basic goal of judo is to develop oneself to the highest limits, always striving for perfection, in order to become more valuable members of the community.
We are looking forward to various collaborations since the founding of the club, so if you think we could cooperate, feel free to contact us!